How to Choose a Mini Notebook Computer?

Mini Notebooks are getting very popular these days. The idea of making the gadgets smaller and easily portable is increasing the popularity of notebooks. So I would like to help you people with some guidelines to be followed while purchasing notebooks.  Mini notebooks are not designed to serve as a desktop replacement or main computer. They work well for basic web searches, emailing, spread sheet work and word processing.

  1. Go through the available options and select a tablet or netbook form-factor. The devices do not have a built-in keyboard, but do provide an on-screen substitute. A notebook bears a closer resemblance to a laptop, including a traditionally oriented screen and built-in keyboard.
  2. Select the size and weight of the device that interests you. Tablets are usually less in weight in at less than 2 lbs and are easy to carry in a bag, suitcase or large purse. Netbooks range from around 2 lbs to 4 lbs. There will be accessories along with it which might add up to the weight.
  3. Select as device that fits your expected storage needs. Netbooks and tablets have limited hard drive space when compared to a full notebook or desktop system. Tablets and netbooks use specialized hardware that can’t be easily upgraded in most cases.
  4. Select a device with a battery life that works for your needs. Netbooks and tablet devices typically have a minimum four hour battery life. Larger devices with more hardware have a shorter battery life. Decide how long you will normally need the device to function and choose a device that fits those needs accordingly.

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