Best Alternative Visitor Management Software Solutions to The Receptionist

The Receptionist is a cloud-hosted visitor management device for iPad that can be used by businesses of all sizes in any industry. Its key features consist of traveler badges, tourist logs, visitor notifications via Slack, email, and SMS, and – two-way communication with guests. The software additionally affords delivery management, legal agreement signing, visitor image capture, and the functionality to provide individualized workflows for exceptional types of traffic.


piLOBI is a visitor management item that encourages computerized gathering and is intended to improve and streamline all phases of the visitor experience from starting registration to definite registration and the collaborations in the middle. This arrangement can be utilized by clinics, businesses, and residential properties, towers, and workplaces. It makes the outstanding burden of front work area representatives and gathering officials less complex by killing the laborious manual task of accounting guests’ names and individual subtleties in a paper logbooks.

piLOBI offers highlights, for example, robotized computerized gathering and online development enrollment. It improves security with instruments like advanced digital signatures and facial recognition. Office administrators can follow guests and their locations, and their length of stay. Further, the framework can limit the guests’ regions of access depending on their purpose and consent from the organization the board. A remarkable security capacity of this program is the facial capture of every guest when they register and enter your business premises. The platform safely stores these pictures for simple recovery for reference when required.


An adaptable visitor management tool that empowers you to dispose of manual sign-in books. With this product, you can make closer associations with your visitors and contractors, and build up a positive picture of your undertaking. The platform makes visitor management techniques increasingly proficient. Chief functionalities incorporate VIP alarms, custom reports, security checks, client authorizations, and watch records.


This is an automatic cloud-hosted visitor management device designed for multi-tenancy homes, residential apartments, exhibitions, hospitals, and inns. Main skills include contractor control, security control, notifications, check-in and check-out, and appointment scheduling. With TouchPoint, establishments can use ID scanning to document traveler records. The software gives badge printers that you can make use of to create visitor passes. You can easily create and monitor visitor appointments, and also approve, adjust, reject, or reschedule them as wished.

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