The Single ‘Must-Have’ Food at Every NFL Stadium

Atlanta Falcons (Mercedes-Benz Stadium)
Anything from the “Fan First” menu

The dirty birds have flown the coop from the Georgia Dome, into swanky new digs named after a swanky car brand. But despite all this obvious pomp, the Falcons have actually decided to cut their fans some slack by introducing a ridiculously cheap (atleast, by stadium standards) “Fan First Menu” featuring $5 burgers, $3 pizza slices, and $2 hot dogs. They might have choked in the Big Game, but at least they’re letting their fans drown their sorrows with $5 draft beers, right?

Arizona Cardinals (University of Phoenix Stadium)
Pizza box nachos

Pizza box nachos out to be respected for being exactly what it claims to be — nothing less, nothing more. It’s an unpretentious, slightly less-than-genuine Southwest staple (cheese, guac, jalapeños, etc.) in a classic package that occasionally takes you by surprise by how good it can be. Kind of like the Arizona Cardinals themselves, actually.
But they may tear up your insides. Kind of like the Arizona Cardinals themselves, actually.

Dallas Cowboys (AT&T Stadium)
Texas torta

The house that Jerry built spared no expenses, including a “Yes, everything is bigger here” bounty of available food options. Rising to the top is the Texas torta, a leviathan of a Mexican sandwich, with barbacoa, carnitas, and chicken (why choose only one?!), along with deep-fried jalapeños wrapped in bacon.
It’s so big, when Tony Romo tried to eat one he broke his collarbone. And so delicious, he also broke his clavicle. He didn’t choke though. Oh wait, yes he did.

Carolina Panthers (Bank of America Stadium)
Barbecue pulled pork nachos

Somehow, nachos have displaced hot dogs as football’s premier food option. So, it only makes sense that Carolina would stack its world-famous pulled pork atop a plate of nachos and hope for the best. Thankfully, it makes complete sense. Savory, delicious, shirt-staining sense. Each and every plate of nachos is certainly destined to end up on your shirt. It’s Cam Newton’s Law of Gravity.

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