Home Decor Essentials For Every Home

If you’ve been an apartment dweller or a homeowner for any length of time, you mostly do have those go-to accessories that make you feel at home. I often get loads of inspiration from seeing what others are using in their spaces. So today, I am about to share my 9 home decor essentials I think every home should have.

Wall Art(s)
Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder. You can never be too creative when it comes to styling this prime real estate in your home. wall decor is a must in creating a stylish home, whether you like oil or acrylic on canvas, traditional prints, or something a little more boho or modern like wall weavings, macrame, tapestries, mobiles, or display cubbies.

Decorative Pillows
Probably the best home decor accessory that one can rely on to create a cozy feel in their home – the almighty throw pillow! It is simply amazing how a pillow can instantly make a space feel styled and comfortable.

Greenery or Flowers
Artificial or real, plants and natural green elements breathe life into a space. Bringing the outdoors in, helps us feel more connected to nature and relaxed. Real plants also have the added advantage of cleaning the air which can often hold toxins, especially after a long, cold winter. So, open those windows, let the clean air in, and add some greenery or flowers to your home.

Throw Blankets
Throw blankets are one of the go-to accessories, just like decorative pillows. Place them on a chair, a sofa, or in a basket, you can style them in multiple ways to suit your home aesthetic.
Draped, folded, or hanging, you can place throw blankets on the back of any seating, over the arm of a sofa or armchair, on the end of a bed, on a bench, hanging over the side of a basket or on the rung of a storage ladder.

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