How to throw a Halloween Party?

To make your Halloween party a fun one and to be the talk of your social group, here are some easy tips to follow.
Firstly, pick a theme for your Halloween party. So this way, your guests will show up in some nice interesting costumes. Make sure you pick a theme that is not common but something that can be easy and good.
Bear in mind, to never throw a party on weekdays. In that case, very little people will show up at your door step. Not only this but also the party will die by 9 o clock. So make sure that you pick up a nice weekend date for your party. Even if Halloween doesn’t fall on the weekend, you still plan a weekend Halloween party. And try avoiding throwing a Halloween party on the Halloween day itself. The reason is that there are higher chances of your door bell ringing every time with a little kid asking for trick or treat.
Next important thing is to send the invitations. You can try sending the invitations by traditional way, that is, snail mail or by technology, emails. In case you are posting them, make a nice customized card to invite your guests. Make sure you add the basics like venue, timing and the more importantly is the theme. If your friends are more in social media, send them initiations through facebook or whatsapp.
There are chances that some of your lazy guests will come in either a lame outfit or in regular clothes. So make sure you have s couple of costumes just in case of an emergency.
Decorate your house well, because that will be the life of the party. Go online and get the funkiest ideas for your theme Halloween party. To bring in the Halloween-y feeling download some real spooky voices and noises and play them during the midst of the party. With right background music your decoration will come to life. Include some healthy offerings so you don’t send guests home on a sugar high. Just add spook appeal to entice tykes to take a bit. You can make sandwiching candy corn “teeth” between two apple slices spread with peanut butter and also you can try toppings of fruit and cubed cheese kabobs with plastic spiders for another healthy Halloween treat.
The most important rule is to keep it simple. Use disposable cups and plates. And see to it that the house doesn’t run out of napkins.

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