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How to Format a BlackBerry?

Before you sell, donate or throw away your BlackBerry phone, it’s important to ensure that all of your data is wiped from the phone. This wipe is called a “format” and occurs when you erase all of the personal data on the phone via the BlackBerry operating system on the phone itself. You may also want to perform a format on your phone if it is not working properly or you want to install an updated software package to the phone.

  • Turn on your BlackBerry.
  • Open the “Options” menu.
  • Select the “Security Options” menu.
  • Select the “General Settings” option.
  • Select “Wipe Handheld.”
  • Type “blackberry” when you are prompted to do so to confirm the wipe.
  • Open the BlackBerry to access the keypad and select “Options” from the menu screen.
  • Push the button directly to the left of the trackball, then choose “Wipe Handheld.” Enter your phone’s security code if asked for it at this time. Your BlackBerry will be reverted to its original factory condition.

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