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How to Find My BlackBerry Model Number?

BlackBerry mobile email and smart phones are developed by “Research in Motion” and have been popular since their introduction in 1999. Designed as a personal digital assistant, the BlackBerry devices offer features such as a contact manager, calendar and memo pad as well as the ability to send and receive email from anywhere with network coverage. Newer models offer the ability to browse the Internet, join instant messenger conversations and also have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Each range of BlackBerry handsets has a particular name, such as the “Blackberry Curve,” and to purchase the correct accessories you will also need to know the model number of the handset.

  • Check the case of the BlackBerry handset, as some handsets have the model number printed on. Branded handsets from mobile networks are exceptions and may not show the model number.
  • Remove the battery from the BlackBerry handset. The BlackBerry model number will be printed on a label underneath along with the phone’s IMEI number. This is often the only option if the handset cannot be powered on.
  • From the “Home” screen, click the “Options” icon and then select “About.” The BlackBerry handset’s model and OS version will be displayed; this is usually the fastest way to find the BlackBerry model number.

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