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How to Choose Your College Courses?

Being a freshman in college can be very overwhelming and scary. First there is the fact that many college kids will be moving away from home for the first time. Then, the fact that this is really the jumping off point where you go from a kid to an adult. Picking out your college courses doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you just know who to talk to and how to get help in choosing the correct college courses for yourself.

  1. The first people to turn to when choosing college courses are your parents. While this process might not be something they are familiar they will want to be involved. Discuss with them what type of class load you want to carry, why types of classes you feel will work best for your first year and then listen to their thoughts. Your parents are the people who really know you the best and will be able to help you get a clear mind-set on your goals for college and help you maintain a good level of college courses without being overwhelmed your first year.
  2. Next talk with your older siblings or friends who might have already been through their first year at college. Ask them about how they choose their college courses and what they would have done differently to make the year go smoother.
  3. Your high school teacher or councillor can also help you choose your college courses. Because you have taken their classes the teachers might have a good idea of what college courses will work best for you. The councillors can review your transcripts and discuss with you what amount of work would be ideal for you along with what college classes will work best with your major.
  4. When you head over to your new college to choose your college courses you should make sure to also discuss your classes with the college councillor. While they do not know you first hand they will be able to tell you exactly what college courses you will need to obtain the degree you want. They will also be able to offer insight into being a freshman and give you advice from their years of experience.

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