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How to activate gprs in a mobile phone?

General Packet Radio Service, or GPRS, is a protocol that lets you pass data over a mobile phone network. It lets you browse the Internet to check email and view websites. You can activate this feature on your Vodafone but in order to do so, the phone must be turned on. To activate this feature, you must be willing to pay text messaging charges. If you don’t have a text messaging plan on your phone already, you may be subject to text messaging charges. GPRS is the network signal that many cell phone companies operate on. This allows you to make calls, send text messages and connect to your mobile provider’s network. There are three different options to help you activate GPRS if you are experiencing connection problems with your network or if your phone is set up incorrectly.
Select a Frequency Band to Activate GPRS

  1. Access the phone’s settings from the phone’s main menu.
  2. Click the “Network” option from the menu that appears.
  3. Select “Band” to begin the band selection.
  4. Click on the band option that you want to activate a GPRS connection, such as 850/1900, 900/1800 or automatic if you are uncertain of the GPRS band.
  5. Turn the device off and then back on if it does not automatically select the band and you have selected the automatic option.
  6. Create a Network Connection to Activate GPRS
  7. Access the main menu on the phone to get to the settings menu.
  8. Click “Network,” and then “Network Setup” (which usually appears as an option but depends on your model of phone).
  9. Select “Manual” or “Automatic.”
  10. Note: You want to set your phone’s option to “Automatic” so you can establish a GPRS connection with your mobile provider. However, select “Manual” if you want to choose a different network.
  11. Make sure that your phone connects and you can begin to make calls.
  12. Reset the Phone to Activate GPRS
  13. Pull the battery out of your phone while it is turned on.
  14. Note: It is necessary to reset your phone at times if there are network glitches or coverage issues. This will re-establish your connect with a mobile provider’s network.
  15. Wait approximately 30 seconds, then re-insert the battery.
  16. Press and hold the red “Power” button on your phone to turn it on.
  17. Make sure that your phone displays the GPRS icon in the status bar to verify you are reconnected with your network.

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