How do I Change the Look of a Purse?

As of 2013, a manufacturing trend is to convert a single purse structure to look like different purse that you easily use for different occasions.
This prevents you from having to more than required purses for different occasions,same time you can keep such as your wallet, keys, make up, gum, accessories to a new vessel, every time you want to match your purse to your outfit. However, it still allows you to accessorize your bag with different less expensive ornaments. You just need to remove it and cover it with different material.
Finally it would depend on the way the purse is finished. Many use shoe polish on leather that seems to be sealed since it gives shiny finish, and it don’t really change the colour that much, but rather give a hue/sheen of the new colour. On leather that is unfinished, the item seems to absorb the colour more. It never has dyed the item, but it does change the colour to one that’s a little deeper–kind of like oiling a baseball glove–it maintains the same colour, just adds a new colour overlay. If you don’t want any particular colour and are flexible, go ahead and try it.

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