Various nutrients that every women needs

Every womens needs and demands are different. And when it comes to health, every woman needs different level of nutrients to have a healthy and fit body. In general, every human needs vitamins and minerals. But when it comes to women in particular, the level and needs of these vitamins and minerals differ. Women need different nutrients. Here are few nutrients that every women needs to have a healthy living.
When a women is pregnant, she needs to have a good level of intake of folic acid. But in general every women needs a good quantity of folic acid only that a pregnant women needs a little more than a non pregnant women. A pregnant women needs a good amount of folic acid as it promotes a healthy pregnancy. And lack of folic acid can cause neural tube defects which would lead to cerebral palsy. So every women needs to consume a good amount of leafy vegetables to complete her quota of folic acid.
Calcium is another nutrient which every women needs. Calcium is very essential to keep the bones and teeth strong. Women need more calcium as compared to men. Over the years, the level of calcium in women starts to fall and that is when they start complaining of back ache, joint pain and suffer from fractures. It is around the age of 35 that a women starts to lose calcium. Did you know that calcium is one of the key factors that helps you in sliming down and also reduces the age old PMS symptoms. So you need to drink milk, eat cheese, spinach and almonds.
Just like calcium, magnesium is also very important. It plays an important role in the chemical reactions of the body. Magnesium is considered as an important nutrient for nerve, muscle toning and keeps the bones stronger. Magnesium is also known to prevent any cardiovascular diseases. It helps in the regulation of blood pressure. Pumpkin seeds, spinach and almonds are all a good source of magnesium.
Fats are never considered to be good. But then there is one such fats that is considered to be good. It is omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 fatty acid is known to reduce blood pressure, inflammation and chronic diseases. On an average a women needs 1.1g of these fats. Salmon and tuna are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. So make sure that you get all these nutrients in your diet daily.

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