How to speed up your metabolism?

Morning time is a very painful and practically a war time. The biggest war is getting out of bed and consoling yourself that you will sleep early tonight. Once you gain control over the early morning debate of sleeping early, you will be occupied with another debate, exercise or little extra sleep. And it is quite hard to win over this debate. You need some exercise to stay fit but then you also want to sleep a little more. And that is the cue for the war. Everyday it is the same. It is high time that you change it. The reason morning exercise is good because it boosts your metabolism. If you have a speed up metabolism you can easily reduce down on the weight meter and stay fit. Other than that here are few ways in which you can speed your metabolism level.
Yes you need to start your day with some exercise. Exercise is one of the ways in which you can boost your metabolism rate. If your metabolism rate is high, you will end up burning some calories. So when you are sleepy and not so active you are likely to crave for fatty and sugary stuff. You will consume these goods to boost your energy. So exercise is very important. Exercise will keep you active throughout the day.
Also to boost your metabolism you need to do the interval exercise training. It simply means that you should do the high intensity workout, drop down and then repeat again. The interval training exercise helps in burning more calories and does not make you feel all drained out. Did you know that apple also boosts your metabolism? Oh yes, it not only keeps you away from the doctor but then it also boosts your metabolism rate. So try munching an apple right before exercise. Apples possess pectin which is a metabolism booster. It will also not make you go all hungry.
Water also plays a very important role. You need to get all these toxins out of the system. So drink tons of water. When you begin your day ensure to drink at least two glasses of water. And do not forget to drink more and more of water throughout the day.

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