Handy Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom Beautifully

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, a personal getaway, which expresses your feelings, favorite colors, and collections. Here are the main rules to learn while decorating your bedroom.

Pay Attention To the Ceiling
It is the fifth wall in a room. When you lie in bed, do you see a boring, blank surface? Why not add a soft color or a subtle pattern. Paint the ceiling in a slightly lighter version of the wall color. This will help give the space a feeling of intimacy and comfort.

You can also add architectural elements in the form of beams or moldings, stencil or add a wallpaper the ceiling, or use a decorative paint treatment. Silver-leafed bedroom ceilings, a canopy or tented bed with a dressing that hangs from the ceiling can envelop you in warmth and sensuality while adding design, texture, and color to the ceiling.

Choose Subtle Color
Choose a restful palette of monochromatic tones and soothing shades. Remember the color theory: gentle hues of lavender, blue, or green are considered serene and calm. Rich jewel-toned hues help set the mood of comfort and coziness. These might include deep pomegranate, toasty browns, or topaz. Use toned-down versions of your favorite colors in the bedroom.

Keep the Bedroom Simple
A bedroom should look simple and cozy, elegant and sophisticated, regardless of what style of decorating you choose. Leave a minimum of three feet between side walls and the bed and large pieces of furniture for ease of movement. Keep at least two feet distance between the bed and low furniture, like tables and dressers. If you have to walk around the bed to get from the closet to the bathroom, think of how you can move the bed.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum. Choose a beautiful piece of artwork, arrange some family photos, add flowers and candles, and leave it alone

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