Get that cool frame!

Frame is trendy this year. Right from golden rim aviator to the thick black nerd rim, everyone has cool frame. With so much variety of frames in the market, it becomes quite difficult to get the right one for yourself. But you need not worry. Here we are to help you. Here are a couple of trending frame in the market that you may like.
The Evergreen 6013 Dark Turquoise Aqua is from Lensway Coastal. This frame is simply cool. The dark turquoise Aqua color is inside of the rim as well on its exterior. Try to get them when they are on the sale as they will not burn your wallet. The Calvin Klein CK5727 Marble Red is another set of funky frame that you should get. This frame will give you more like a retro look but you will simply cannot stay away from it. The color is simply classic and it has chic sense of style to it.
The Touch by Alyssa Milano 102 Black Pink is a perfect piece of frame to cover your girl-next-door-look. The rim of this frame is black from the outside and pink from the inside with a cat eye glass frame. This frame is not only feminine but also a little bold and will give you a smart look. Kate Spade Janetta Black Pink is another black-pink frame in case you do not like the cat eye glass one. The Kate Spade ones is simply cute and adorable. It will give you the 80’s touch because of its nerdy appearance. And to just add a feminine touch you will find a playful pink on the interior rims.
Another Touch by Alyssa Milano 104 Havana Purple. These are another cat eye shaped. If you have a fair or pale skin then this one is a perfect frame for you. The purple color will bring out our eyes. Evergreen 6013 Purple Fad is a good substitute of you do not want the Havana Purple. Red hair, green eyes and a purple frame is simply wow! In fact Evergreen Purple Fad will anytime look wow on a brunette or a blonde. They are a little geeky but they are extremely comfortable. And did you know that they are made from 100% recycled material. Do your self a favor, buy them when they are on sale.

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