Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte May Be Returning This Year

Starbucks has begun its prep for the fall, although it might be summer yet. The coffee chain has tried out the autumn offerings by posting a post on Instagram that suggests a fall-themed surprise to call for. 

“Fall is so close you can hear it,” captioned Starbucks with a picture of one of its beverages put against the warm background. The hotline number, 1-833-GET-FALL, is written on the cup, where usually a customer’s name would be written. 

Upon dialling this mysterious number by TODAY food to ‘practice pumpkin mantras’, a soothing and deep voice was heard on the line saying, “Hold your pumpkin close and open your mind.” “We’re going to unlock all the fall feels.”

There were other options on the hotline which included “cozy up with your cup” featuring blazing fire and “flannel on repeat” where someone was just repeating the word “flannel” continuously. 

The fans were quick to join the blitz following the Instagram post. Some of the comments that the post induced were, “Does this mean the pumpkin spice lattes are coming soon?”, “Would rather order pumpkin spice all year if it were available” and many more. 

Starbucks had confirmed that their beloved Pumpkin spice latte was going to return for 17th year sequentially, but did not reveal when exactly was it going to release. However, as per some of the reports, it might hit the stores very soon. 

Source – CNBC

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