How to cover sunburns with makeup?

Summer time is the time when many women face sunburns. Sunburns are bad and really pathetic. It is almost impossible to get rid of them. Did you ever try using makeup to hide those awful sunburns? Well here is a trick to hide those sunburns with some makeup. So say bye to that red painful skin and no more hiding inside the house.
Before doing any thing to the sunburn, let the burns first heal. Healing is very important or else it will worsen the condition. A couple of aspirins and apply some cooling aloe vera gel on the burnt areas. The gel will sooth the skin and let the skin be cool. It will also heal the skin soon. And then take a shower, but cold water and not warm or hot water. After that apply some moisturizer. The moisturizer will rehydrate the skin.
Also you need to make sure that the moisturizer that you are using contains either humectants or lactic acid. Lactic acid is very much required if you have sunburns as the acid helps the skin cell turnover while the humectants attracts water and makes the skin more flexible. Make sure that you do not buy a moisturizer that contains emollients. The emollients irritates the skin that is burnt. And now that your skin is burnt due to sun rays, apply sunscreen to avoid any more future burns. Some use a chemical sunscreen, avoid that. Instead use a physical one that will contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide. The reason women avoid physical sunscreen is because they leave white cast. But this white cast could be covered with makeup.
And if your skin is appearing very red then use a green or yellow tinted moisturizer. But just make sure that the moisturizer has SPF. SPF is necessary as it hydrates the skin and reduces the redness. Also it helps in reducing the irritation. And it is very important that you wear very less makeup when you have a sunburns. The reason is simple, more makeup means more of irritation on the skin. If it is possible you could use a hypoallergenic mineral makeup. This sort of makeup helps in reducing the redness and gives you sun protection as well. The tone of the skin will also be clear and light.

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