How to clean a makeup brush?

After applying makeup, when you leave the makeup brush on the table just like that, your makeup brush will end up attracting dirt, oil and bacterias. And the next time you will end up using this same makeup brush on your skin. Using a dirty makeup brush on the skin will result in causing acne and other skin troubles. And that is the reason you need to clean your makeup brush.
It is obvious you will be buying a good quality makeup brush which means you will be investing a lot in it. So if you are investing a good amount why not take good care of that things? So you need to clean your makeup brush at least once in a week. This will let your brush live longer and will also not harm your skin.
The easiest and quickest ways of cleaning a makeup brush is by simply swishing it in a bowl of alcohol. Also you can wipe down the makeup brush handles with alcohol. Even a solid brush shampoo could be used. Some people use olive oil soap which is also okay. But you need to use lukewarm water and not hot water as hot water can damage the bristles. The water should limit only to the bristles and not above the metal bar. If it happens probably the glue that is holding the brush handle and the bristles will loosen and your one brush will become two. And once you are done, remove the excessive water and let your brush dry on a towel for a night.
The biggest mistake that many people do is that they soak the brush for a longer time which in reality is wrong. The water starts to loosens the glue that holds the bristles and handle of the brush. And that will lead your brush to shed.

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