Guide to Make up Trends 2020

2020 has proven to be a year of a lot of unexpected surprises and we couldn’t agree on more! To be more precise, we’re indicating towards the emerging makeup trends that you definitely need to try for your Instagram as you’re indoors. Bold colors, reinventing looks, color swaps, and well there’s so much more. Read on for five of our favorite makeup trends in 2020 that are having their moment right now.

Glass Skin
After K-Pop and K-Dramas, what is emerging as a trend right now is the K-Beauty routine – glass skin routine. Glass skin is nothing but another whimsy term for glowing and clearer skin which is certainly going viral. Unlike other make-up trends, what it takes to achieve this is a skin-care routine.

Pop of Neon
We all remember those days when we embraced shades of neon for our clothing and now is the time to replace our normal eyeliners with some neon ones. When in doubt, rock this look with a simple outfit, fancy wear, or even for a pool party.

Glitters and Shine
Now is the time you might see more of bold make-up trends like glitters on eye shadows or eyeliner. Although it’s quite a simple practice, it adds so much more to your normal eye shadows.

Hovering Eyeliner
Gone are the days when your eyeliner had to stick to your eyelids, let them float a little over your eyelids. Adorn some playful brightly colored eye-liners to create a playful and unique look.

Subtle Stain
Where we’re embracing all the bold colors, subtle is becoming new cool in terms of choosing lip colors. You’re all set to do with a touch of soft and dreamy color and are very easy to maintain.

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