4 Skincare Trends For 2020 & Beyond

Now more than ever, the skincare routine is really having its time and the industry is certainly paying all the heeds. Consumers have started to reflect upon the products they have been using for their skincare, the history of the brand, process, etc. It’s becoming increasingly visible that people are even wary about things like packaging and branding before choosing the products. This has led us to shed some light on the skincare trends of 2020 that clearly deserves your attention.

You Go Mama Nature!
Be it your basic cleanser, face wash, oil, or shampoo, there’s been an upward trend in the products that are all-natural and are inspired by mother nature. Consumers are becoming more aware of the long-term benefits of using natural products and what’s encouraging them, even more, is zero to nominal side effects of the same.

Winter Skin Care

Say Yes To Sustainability
In furtherance, sustainability is getting embraced with open arms. Majorly, the packaging of products will be in talks for a long time to come. Existing as well as emerging brands will need to reconsider the way they package their products. Eliminating plastic as much as possible, introducing refilling packs, using recycled materials, etc will be a yardstick to measure how sustainable and environmentally friendly a given product is.

Face Oils are Vogue
There was a time when applying moisturizer was practiced daily in order to hydrate the skin. Now, face oils are gaining quite a momentum. Various brands are introducing a variety of face oils to suit all skin types and they are certainly working wonders. Face oils are proven to be more effective than traditional moisturizers or OTC lotions. We urge you to not keep yourself deprived of the magic of face oils.

Cruelty is No No
Another welcoming trend apart from natural and sustainable products is cruelty-free and even vegan products. There’s been a remarkable inclination of consumers looking for brands that believe in co-existence and encourage vegan or cruelty-free products. And according to us, it’s going to stay for a longer time to come.

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