5 Amazing and Cute Haircuts

1. Wavy Blond Haircut
This platinum blond haircut will make a statement! It falls just above the shoulders when curled. Get a glamorous, chic sort of vibe with the side-swept look. Head over to Feel & Flourish to find out how to accomplish this look with your own hair.

2. Medium Haircut With Bangs
Give this beautiful long bob a try if straight hairstyles are more your thing. Get a super unique feel with the blunt cut bangs. The gently curled ends to keep it refined.

3. Wavy Ombre Haircut
Like the Wavy Blond Haircut, this too is wavy – but these waves are much more casual looking and relaxed. And the ombre hair colour really shows off the curls. The side-swept bangs add an extra bit of texture to this medium-length cut.

4. Layered Medium Cut
Want to give those fine hair some serious volume? This layered look has the ability! It will frame your face perfectly. The front of the hair is angled a bit which gives a further boost to the volume.

5. Super Layers
Highlights and lowlights add to the extreme contrast of this unique medium-length style. This look involves a number of different elements – the cut has a ton of layers, giving the top of the hair lots of volume and the bottom a more sleek look.

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