10 weird laws and bans in The United States

The United States is one of the largest countries and not so surprisingly one of the weird countries. Get ready for a laugher because we are going to give you 10 absurd laws and bans in the United States.

  1. In Alabama, it’s illegal to drive blindfolded.

Well, because illegal or not, no one in their right mind does that. Of course, unless they are high on very questionable substance – which is illegal, to begin with.

  1. In Arkansas, you can’t honk your horn near a sandwich shop after 9 p.m.

This is a strange law and we wonder way would have the councilman of Little Rock made such a law. But for now no honking near a sandwich shop after 9 p.m.

  1. In Connecticut, a pickle must be able to bounce.

You might think it a joke but bt this is really a law in Connecticut.

  1. It is illegal to put coins in your ears in Hawaii.

Hawaii may be your dream place for Vacation but don’t forget to keep your coin away from your ears or you might get into trouble.

  1. In Kansas, tire screeching is banned.

Get your cars greased and check your tires before you enter Kansas.

  1. In Louisiana, it’s illegal to send a surprise pizza.

It is considered harassment in Louisiana if you send a pizza to someone without informing them or you might be charged.

  1. In New Hampshire, it’s unlawful to pick up seaweed off the beach.
  2. In New Mexico “idiots” are banned from voting.

So if you are an idiot you might not get a chance of voting in New Mexico

  1. In South Carolina, you can’t play pinball if you’re a minor.

If temptation gets the best of you, you’ll be handed a status offense violation.

  1. In Tennessee, it’s illegal to share your Netflix password.

This law is directed at hackers who sell log-in credentials in bulk. However, other individuals (cough, your friends, cough) who share passwords and don’t live under the same roof are also included. Now is time to wipe that guilty look off your face.

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