How to Use Google Finance?

Google Finance is a free, online financial news and data service that allows you to track and review financial data. Google Finance provides news, stock market information, mutual fund data, and information about companies. The information is focused on North America and North American financial interests.

  1. Create a Google login and password. Go to the Google Finance home page and log in, or go to any Google login or service page, click “More” at the top of the screen, and select “Finance” from the list of available services.
  2. Create a portfolio to track financial data that interests you. Create more than one portfolio, and track different financial information for up to 200 stocks, funds, or companies within each of your portfolios.
  3. Add items to your portfolio. Add a company or fund to your portfolio from within the portfolio page. Or, you may first search for the company or fund, then add the company or fund by clicking the “Add a Portfolio” button located at the top of the search result screen.
  4. Post in the discussion forums to participate in on-going conversations, or ask and answer questions. The finance forums are moderated so your posts appear only after it has been reviewed by a group moderator.
  5. View many parts of Google Finance without creating a Google account. However, features such as posting on the discussion boards, portfolios or recent quotes lists are only available if you are logged in to the services.

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