How to Say a Prayer?

Prayer is an integral part of any religious practice. The act of praying can involve gratitude toward a deity or a request from a deity. Many people who pray seek help and guidance through difficult times in their life. When you go to bed, you know you have to pray but don’t know what to say. Here is an example on how to say everything God wants to hear.

  1. Start off with what you’re thankful for. Thank God for your family, well being, everything you own, safety, love and affection, everything in your life, and Jesus because he gave up his life so we could meet God in Heaven.
  2. Ask for guidance on prayer from a clergy member or from someone who shares a similar faith.
  3. Go to a house of worship such as, a synagogue or church. Observe the prayers of others.
  4. Read the religious texts of the faith you want to explore to learn more. For example, the book of Psalms from the Old Testament is a compilation of ancient prayers.
  5. Make a list of things in your life that trouble you. For example, a family member suffering from an illness. A list will help you focus on what you want to address through your prayers.
  6. Learn formula prayers specific to your faith. For example, in Judaism, the Birkhat Hazan prayer is a pre-meal blessing used to thank God for abundant food.
  7. Praise God for all he does for you, your family, and the world. Thank him for listening to your prayers and forgiving you. Praise him for his deeds and love.
  8. This is the ending of the prayer. Asking God for things you want can be hard so start off with things that are not relating to you personally. Example: “Lord please let my kids not fight.” After you do these ask God for things you personally want. Example: “Please God let me get a good job.”

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