Creative Uses of Paper

Papercrafting is an all-time favorite hobby. While you cut and paste paper, it makes you feel like you are in kindergarten again, and it’s not just construction paper anymore.

We have seen a zillion excellent papercrafting projects with the advent of stamping and cardmaking, and scrapbooking. Check out a few of the many creative uses of paper that will have you saying, “This ain’t like that project I made in kindergarten!”

Door hangers
Kids love door hangers. Many times they are made out of foam sheets or foam paper. These are shaped like standard-size pieces of paper, but are made of a springy foam. Well, why not make your door hangers out of paper, instead of being like the other kids! You can even just draw on it and skip the messy glue. Look for reinforced paper in bright colors that is easy to decorate. Your door hanger can be whatever you want it to be.

Keep in mind that the standard size of a bookmark is 2″ x 6″. This is one of the simplest. Bookmarks can be made out of envelopes, card stock, specialty paper and a variety of other stationery supplies. You can print them out in bulk. Print a bunch of the same design or make several different designs.

Alter something
Alter mint tins, cigar boxes, old books that you are about to toss, even shoe boxes are great items to alter. Smear a strong glue all over it, then cover it with paper. From card stock to copy paper, you can use any type of specialty craft paper, for this project. Use multiple different colors and types of paper and tear them into interesting shapes. Place them all over the piece. You can make decorative items, gifts or even jewelry by altering items with paper.

Decoupage beads
This is a fun project for kids, but many artists too wear necklaces made out of paper beads. Take any strength paper and cut it into neat, long triangle. Form the bead as you roll the paper out to the end. Dot a little more glue on the end of the bead. Let dry a bit. String the bead on a dowel. Then paint all over with white glue or some type of glue that dries clear & hard. When your bead is completely dry, you can string them on a length of cord or string such as hemp. Depending on the type of paper you use, these can be as simple or as involved as you want to make them

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