Best Ways To Book Cheap Flights

Love traveling but can’t due to high flight fares? Or do you want to travel on a budget? Here are a few ideas to book flights at better prices before you plan your next trip.

Book Early! (But Not TOO Early)

Make sure you plan your trips at least 6 weeks before the date of travel. It is the most affordable time to book a flight. If you book before that or after that, there is a good chance you are spending more from your pocket.

Shhhh, Go Incognito!

When you search for flights use the incognito mode. The more times you search a flight without incognito mode, the more frequency the page gets and the prices tend to increase when you book.

Use those Miles

It doesn’t matter if you travel frequently or not. Make use of those few miles you have. Use those credit card points. Take advantage of them when you can. Those reward points go a long way.

Be Flexible

When you plan a trip be flexible with your dates. Avoid traveling on a weekend as much as possible. Prices are approximately 20% higher during the weekends as compared to the weekdays. Travel during the off season period. Be flexible with your destination airport also. Sometimes, a nearby airport may be way cheaper than the original choice.

Check out those Options

Before booking make sure to check different websites and airlines for prices. Compare them and book the better choice. Try booking flights in native currency as they are always cheaper.

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