Awesome Ideas That Will Make Your Room Chic and Cool

How much ever we love a room or our entire house, there comes a point when we get a little bored of the same things. Before you start planning a whole redesign, consider a few changes.

If you are strongly connected to what you see, using memories and personal pictures ensures that you will not get bored easily. There’s no need to keep the expensive objects or the fine china tucked away in cupboards. Adapt the shapes and colours to your likings and do whatever expresses your taste. For the harder projects that require more strength, technical knowledge, or tools, you might need some help. Let’s have a look at the easy ideas to help you transform any room.

  • Paint a wall in a rich colour to add warmth and focus to the room
  • Add a swing chair on a corner of a room for extra character and a cosy space to wind down
  • Incorporate a raw element from nature into the room decor.
  • Add bookends on the shelves or library
  • Add a swing chair on a corner of a room for extra character and a cosy space to wind down
  • Paint or wallpaper the ceiling and two walls facing each other, to tie an asymmetrical room together
  • Create your own simple art to display
  • Amp up your stair game with pictures of favourite memories or a theme you like
  • Refresh your fridge with washi tape or contact paper
  • Stack a couple of random objects to create a nightstand or side table
  • Hang plants from the ceiling or put them above higher furniture
  • Divide an open space into zones with airy shelves made of wood
  • Turn classic architectural details into modern ones with paint or washi tape
  • Make a display of vases and flowers to hang and form a hook in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Stack all your books or magazines in a single high pile for visual interest and less clutter
  • Handwrite on the walls for a unique, statement-making, decor
  • Decorate a simple mirror with coloured or natural stones
  • Add a big framed mirror close to a room’s corner to shift the perspective and create the illusion of bigger space
  • Make a coastal style light with driftwood
  • Hang a basket from the ceiling and fill it with fruit or flowers for an impromptu accent
  • Raise your bed on a platform with built-in storage to gain more storage
  • Make whimsical curtain rods with wood branches
  • Create a shelving unit with modular shelves, boxes or crates, and paint the insides with a splash of color
  • Put pots of greenery across your room to brighten up the whole space
  • Revamp simple tables or stools with paint

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