How to Write a Television Show Review?

Writing a television review can be challenging, yet fun. A television writer must know the guidelines for writing a review, which are usually given before the assignment is provided. The company will send you these guidelines and then send you the television listings they want you to research, read and review in your own words. Lear how you can write a great television review.

  1. Start by watching the television shows you need to review. Watch as many episodes that you can and start taking notes on the topic of suggestion, the theme and the genre of the television show. Take note of how you feel while watching the show.
  2. Scribble down points about the television show. Write down the situations that happen in the television show, and note if it is a comedy, a sci-fi or a drama show. Figure out if there is a captivating topic in each episode, and decide which audience and age group it appeals to.
  3. Compile a draft review of the assigned television assignment and write down what things you like and what you do not like. Analyze the characters and practice describing them. People want to know how you feel about the characters in the show.
  4. Ask yourself if you would like to watch this television show and if it makes you want to watch more. Decide if you like the way the show is introduced to the audience and if it keep you intrigued and interested.
  5. Format your television review by writing down your personal feelings about the show and then write about the pros and negatives of the television show. People like to know the bad and good side of a show they might or might not watch. Give them an opinion from both sides and tie it up in the end with your overall opinion.

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