How to turn TV into smart TV?

Just like others you are very attracted to the new gen next smart TV, but sadly you are having the old not so smart HD TV. Thinking what to do in such a situation? Here is your chance to make your TV a ‘smart TV.’ Get set and turn TV into smart TV.
To begin with on a lighter note, you could simply add a smart TV box like an Apple TV or Roku. A smart device, be it a smart phone or smart TV, means that it is Internet-connected. By connecting a device to the Internet, it becomes infinitely more useful through the ability to download and launch platform-specific apps and do things like surf the Web or make Skype calls. All the upcoming TV’s in the market are smart TV. But this doesn’t mean that your current not so smart TV cannot be smart. Most certainly it can! Set-top boxes like the Apple TV or Roku are Internet-connected and plug in to TV sets to pipe in additional content and features. Even people who have smart TVs buy smart TV boxes because they offer functionality which can’t be found elsewhere. These days almost all set-top boxes on the market will connect you to services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube, but not all offer DVR functionality. One can say that today’s smart set-top boxes can essentially fit into three categories: streaming boxes, entertainment boxes and boxes with unique features.

  • Plug a computer to your TV:
  • Most TVs have a VGA entry port, and if they don’t, most computers have an HDMI output port nowadays. The big advantage of this solution is that nothing will beat a PC in terms of performance. Once you do so you will be able to play high quality games and could also watch movies in any format. Some issues with using computers as your smart TV are the power consumption, the price, and the noise. Laptops, ultrabooks, or solutions such as the macbook air will minimize the energy consumption as well as the noise, but are relatively expensive if your only goal is to do some basic multimedia. They also take some time to boot, and when it comes to TV, we all want things to work immediately.

  • Plug a tablet to your TV:</li>
    Tablets come at a reasonable price. They also have a relatively low power consumption, and most of them can be plugged to an HDMI port on your TV. You could also control the tablet from your couch.

  • Buy an actual smart TV:
  • This may be the most expensive idea but it is worth it. It is long term solution to your smart TV. Remember when you bought that 3D Television, or that DivX DVD player? Yeah… well, you don’t want to make the same mistake again. These embedded TVs promise to keep up to date with firmwares updates, but their functionality is fairly limited, and there’s always one or 2 things you want them to do that they won’t do for you.

  • Use a dongle:
  • This will connect your TV to the Internet and make it a smart TV. But then for this option, your TV needs to have access to the WiFi.

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