How to Thicken Wall Paint?

You generally do not have to solidify wall paint. It is pre-mixed to the right reliability so that you can apply it straight out of the can. In positive conditions, though, such as when you are sizing textiles or trying to cover wood with only one coat, it may be desirable to create a thicker mixture to prevent drips. This compound upholds elasticity while solidifying the paint so it remains easy to spread. HEC is water-soluble, so it is suitable for latex paints.

  1. Pour a small amount of paint thickener into the paint, stirring continuously with a stir stick as you pour. The amount you need to add will vary with the product, so read the directions on the thickener container.
  2. Test the steadiness by brushing a small quantity of paint onto a test surface with a paintbrush. Add more thickener as needed until you get the right consistency.
  3. Stop toting thickener when you have reached the supreme ratio of paint to thickener specified on the container. For some goods, this ratio is one part thickener to four parts paint, while for others it may be 1 percent or less. Adding more will cause the paint to shrink excessively or crack as it dries.
  4. Store the thickening agent according to the directions on the container. While some products are highly stable, others may be affected by moisture or microorganisms and need to be covered immediately after use.

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