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5 Awesome Craft Ideas for Teen Girls 2019

Girls love crafts. They keep doing some craft every now and then. There are many easy DIY craft ideas for girls. Read on to know what are these.

1. Cute Bags:
Making bag crafts is another craft idea for teen girls. I am sure that every teen might have enjoyed crafting a bag once in their teenage years. This can be done in multiple ways. One can either stick something or sew something on it. Not only can you sell your handmade bag crafts on any e-commerce store but also have offline customers for your craft ideas.

2. Wall Decorations:
Wall decorations include many options that can be done. One can have a simple cloth decorative item which is not that hard to make. Heart-shaped multi-colored cloth decorations give a cool effect to the wall.

3. Crafted Flowers:
This one is another creative girl and can be done in many ways. You can have cloth flowers or paper flowers. These arts are frequently made by girls and are do not require a lot of skill to do.

4. Dream Catchers:
Everyone likes this trending girl craft. It is not that difficult to make a dream catcher. It is an interesting but time-consuming activity for girls. One can hang this on one’s bedroom door or on the walls. It will give a nice look to the door and the room as well.

5. Slipper Crafts For Girls:
This is the most common craft that can be done. It is a complete girl craft and a simple and easy one. You can add buttons or glitters to your slippers. It is a great choice for your regular use slippers. You can use some unnecessary stuff from your home and combine them with some useful craft material and get those glittery new pairs of slippers right away!

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