Exercise-RoutineA prescribed, detailed course of exercise to be followed regularly in a standard procedure .This is a circuit program, meaning you do each of the exercises back-to-back without any rest. When you’ve completed all the exercises, you’ve completed one circuit. If you are doing this at you home please watch authentic you tube video.

Squats: 20 repetitions

Push-ups: 10 reps

Walking Lunges: 20 reps

Pull-ups: 5 reps

Dips: 15 reps

Do a ten minute warm-up first (jumping jacks, jump rope, jogging), and then complete each exercise back-to-back without resting. That’s a circuit. Rest for two minutes after completing a circuit and then start another one.

Start with one circuit, and then add a circuit once you’re able to perform all the reps for all the exercises. Keep adding circuits until you can complete all the reps for all the exercises for five circuits. After that, start adding 1 rep to each exercise at each workout.

Perform this workout every other day, three times a week. Here’s a suggested schedule:

Monday: Bodyweight workout

Tuesday: Sprints or plyometrics

Wednesday: Bodyweight workout

Thursday: 5K runs

Friday: Bodyweight workout

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Whatever workout program you choose, the key is to be consistent with it. Treat your workouts like an important doctor’s appointment. When you plan your week, block off a time each day for exercise.

Perform these like a circuit: Do one set of each exercise with minimal rest in between. When you’ve done them all, grab some water and repeat twice more